Yes, as the structural staircase is already in place, the laminate treads and risers are a durable decorative finish to most existing staircases.

We can convert most hard floor products into matching nosing’s, contact us at Holzbau Industries to enquire about the suitability of your product.

Generally, you will require one piece of flooring plus one of our nosing’s to cover a standard step tread. 

Yes, with our system nearly all quality floating floors can be installed on stairs and landings.

No, all the step treads and risers will have to be bonded with a suitable flooring adhesive. We recommend commercially available flexible polyurethane flooring adhesive. 

This is an excellent alternative given that you can match your chosen flooring décor with a flawless transition from one step to the next without the need for metal trims.  This also eliminates the risk of trip hazards that can be caused by metal trims, especially if they become damaged and raised.

Our stair nosing’s look very similar to a solid tread. 

Our stairs nosing’s are barely more difficult to install than the floor itself due to our Cut’n’Click system which utilises the same locking system as your chosen flooring product.

See our installation guidelines for further information on our stair nosing and tread recommended installation ……

Yes, KroNose laminate stairs are very durable as they are made from the exact same material as the floor so therefore possess the same abrasion and scratch resistance as the flooring they are made form.

Yes, due to the extremely tough surface of the KroNose step treads, even permanent marker can be easily removed with acetone without damaging the finish at all.