The dimensions and proportions of the nosing profile once assembled with additional board for the tread component create the appearance of a solid timber stair tread. 

All our products utilise the locking system of the relevant source products – we call this our Cut’n’Click system. 

Our KroNose products utilise the same Välinge 5G locking system from the floorboards, creating a complete laminate stair tread and nosing solution.  This result in your stairs to having a completely flat and even surface as that of the floor itself. Our custom products also utilise their relevant locking system.  

As well as being more visually appealing, using this type of stair nosing and tread system also eliminates the potential tripping hazard of metal strips and other raised stair nosings. 

Custom lengths are also available giving the opportunity to meet a wide range of design needs for both staircases and landings.  Get in touch with Holzbau Industries to ask about your specific requirements.